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Blast Design Evaluation

VIBRONICS, INC. has the expertise to evaluate individual parameters of blast designs. We have the ability to analyze blasts using high speed digital video, high definition digital video, Velocity of Dentonation instrumentation, seismographic instrumentation, geophysical instrumentation, and fragmentation software. We can evaluate blast patterns, blast performance, pattern timing, stemming criteria, and face burden dimensions. We routinely use 2-D and 3-D laser profiling to evaluate blasthole placement.

We are experts in analyzing seismographic recordings and can often identify potential blast design flaws from the seismographic recording.

Vibration attenuation studies are also a valuable tool used to assist and evaluate blast performance. We have the ability to evaluate your current vibration/airblast readings and determine if they are in line with historical criteria. A minimum of (30) thirty seismographic recordings can be used in a study to help predict or calculate future vibration readings. We have conducted hundreds of vibration attenuation studies.

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