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Blast Performance Testing

VIBRONICS, INC. has the equipment and expertise to conduct on-site, in-situ blast performance testing. We can conduct (VOD) Velocity of Detonation testing to determine the velocity of detonation of a product. The Velocity of Detonation testing can also identify product priming deficiencies. We routinely find priming problems when conducting Velocity of Detonation testing. Tests can also be run to determine the firing time accuracy of detonators.

We have both resistance wire and TDR Velocity of Detonation instrumentation.

VIBRONICS, INC. can also run cap sensitivity testing of bulk products on specialized blends.

We also have the ability to determine the fuel oil percentage in bulk ANFO oil. This type of test is easily conducted using a small sample and does not require actual detonation of the sample. Excessive red or orange smoke can often be the result of an improperly oiled product.

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